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Mala Idea Sales - June 2024

While sales in Mexico continue to expand, compliance approvals in the US has finally begun happening and launches have been scheduled.

While we were granted our import permits in late-2023, due to regulatory restrictions at the state level, we were not allowed to distribute. We were able to circumvent this issue thanks to one of our investors, Randy Johnston. By using his import and distribution license, we have been able to begin the state-by-state compliance process. Each state, functioning independently, requires different compliance processes, applications and fees.

The importer name is Talking Animals and is managed by Eoin Connors, who was recruited by Greg Ahn last month to lead the sales effort.


We are currently approved in the following states with launches scheduled in June and July:

  • Wisconsin - Pure Beverage - Launched and selling.

  • Kentucky - Heritage Beverage - Relaunch June 28.

  • Florida - Maverick - Soft launch in July. Full launch in Sept due to seasonality.

  • Texas - Maverick - Launch July 1

  • Minnesota - Maverick - Launch July 15

  • California - ACS Beverage - Launch July 1

Upcoming compliance approvals are projected as follows:

  • Illinois - Maverick - June 26

  • Arizona - Maverick - June 30

  • Colorado - Maverick - July 7

  • Nevada - Atlantis Beverage - July 15

  • Maryland, Delaware, D.C. - Lanterna - July 15

These are our priority markets in 2024.



We are excited to have found a way to ship mezcal directly to consumers in 47 states through a company called AccelPay. While it is illegal to sell spirits direct-to-consumer from the producer, AccelPay has retail partnerships which allow consumers to purchase on our website and have the order fulfilled by a retail partner. While this is not as profitable as a direct-to-consumer sale, it will allow us to ship direct to the end user in 47 states. We are currently working on integrating this onto our website and expect to launch by end of July.

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