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A recovering corporate refugee turned serial entrepreneur, Greg is living proof that you can graduate college with a degree in Poetry and still make a living. His superpower allows him to solve any small problem by creating a bigger one, usually in the form of a new venture. Luckily, the pandemic slowed him down enough to adopt a new mantra: Less but Better. We'll see if he can pull that off.

Recognizing that she could do twice the work in half the time, Madigan reluctantly came to Greg's rescue in 2015 and took charge of all administrative and human resources responsibilities across the wineries, restaurants, and other businesses, going from three kids to 200. She is the heart and inspiration of this is all really her fault, not Greg's :-)

Raquel Clark


With an unhealthy love of numbers and an unstoppable spirit, Raquel keeps the stacks in order across Folktale's various businesses and projects.


Raquel first met Greg at Constellation Wines before she left to be the Director of Accounting for the next ten years at Talbott Vineyards. So, she knows a thing or two about wineries and colorful owners, which makes her perfect for her role controlling the creative minds at Folktale.

Winemaker, David Baird



David Baird is an innovative winemaker with roots deeply planted in the vineyards of the Central Coast of California. With his winemaking degree from Cal Poly, David has previously made wine at Halter Ranch, Edna Valley, Justin Winery, and Fess Parker.


In 2015, David moved back home to the Monterey Peninsula, where he began collaborating with Greg and Madigan. Together, they opened Folktale Winery & Vineyards in the summer of 2015, focusing on high-quality, delicious wines that embrace organic farming and natural winemaking. A blank slate for Baird, the opportunity to establish an entirely new winemaking strategy for a brand-new winery was a little daunting at first but ultimately has provided the freedom to be creative. “There is a lot of fear and adventure in creating wines for a new winery. There’s no safety net below you. During our first year at Folktale, we played it safe with very practical decisions. Since then, we’ve had a lot of fun creating new small batch wines like a Pet-Nat, whole cluster barrel fermented Syrah, and a Rosé of Grenache Blanc.”

Folktale is the perfect place to stretch his wings. The winery offers exceptional innovation opportunities, having grown to nearly 500 acres of estate vines in Monterey County. “The Central Coast offers an excellent selection of varietals, but it hasn’t seen much winemaking development over the last 50 years. I aim to reinvent the wheel a little, refreshing old techniques to develop new ideas. We want to have some fun while evolving as a winery and brand, focusing on fine wines that people will enjoy and new wines that people may not otherwise try.”




Hunter Jewett, recruited into the wine industry out of Ole Miss, has been happily trapped in the beverage industry since 1997 and based out of Chicago, IL, with his wife, five kids (don’t ask), and his ever-faithful Vizsla, Sam. In addition to the Midwest, Hunter has spent significant time in the Florida and Texas markets. When not managing distributors, selling wine, carting kids around, fixing things around the house, doing yard work, cooking, or helping with homework, Hunter likes swimming, biking, and running (three Ironman’s completed). Hunter is an avid fly fisher and bow hunter. On fall days, he dreams of being in the woods hunting huge Illinois White Tails from his deer stand. In the spring, he dreams of standing in the cold rivers of Michigan casting feathers on big Steelhead. Did we mention he has five kids?!

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